Poker variations – the way of varying your hand play

Poker is a game that has the inherent capability to entertain and keep you addicted to it for hours on end. This unique power of Poker to attract a huge fan base comes from the fact that it is extremely entertaining as well as lucrative at the same time. When it has to cater to such a vast population of players, it is bound to accept and implement minor changes in the gaming procedures to suit itself to the different choices and sensibilities of the players. This is how the numerous Poker variations came into existence.

Getting straight to the types of variations, the most prevalent variations include the famous three: Draw, Stud and Community poker. Draw poker revolves around the games like the 5 cared poker where the basic skill lies in replacing a dealt hidden hand with the highest value cards. The Stud poker is an amalgamation of hidden and visible set of cards which call for numerous betting rounds whereas the Community poker uses an incomplete hand with hidden and upward facing cards.

Apart from bringing variation to the above three major games, there are trifle changes implemented in almost every type of game to bring about fresh variations. In cases where the lowest range of cards wins the game, the rule followed is the Lowball rule. When the pot is split between the highest and lowest draw of hands it is called the High-low split. Implementation of the Anaconda would mean interchanging of cards between players. The tittle or the twist calls for purchase of a card from the deck if the player is unsatisfied with the card in hand. The Roll your own method lets the player decide the cards which he wants to reveal. Using the jaws of victory or double flip method, enables utilizing even the inactive players into the game and is the best used variation to games in most casinos and pubs.

To bring in more interesting approaches to poker games, deviations in games were encouraged in the form of certain alterations to games with fun titles. The MIT developed Oxford stud is a popular game combining the attributes of both stud poker and combination poker to bring an eclectic mix of thrill and patience in the game. The Follow the queen gaming procedure involves the usage of a wild card which is selected as the card exposed after the queen. The Billabong is another rendition of the Manila where the cards are dealt in the pattern of three cards out of which 1 is exposed, two community cards in the next round after betting and finally 1 each after betting in the next two consecutive rounds. The High and Low Chicago calls for the highest or lowest spade achieved in the hole to declare the winner. Guts is a popular and close version of poker game which calls for only 3 cards in a hand with immediate betting and showdown to deduce the winner and decide the splitting of the pot.

The Workings of the Judicial System in America

The judicial system in American is always present in just about every facet of our lives. Its impact can be felt not just in American, but also in the rest of the world as laws and precents are exchanged throughout the world. The judicial system has a long and complicated past which has been marked by countless events. It has origins stretching back to the earliest discussions of law. It plays a huge role as one of the three branches of government which help make modern life possible.

To start with what the judicial system it, it is the basically the law of the land. It consists of the courts which interpret and apply the law with the backing of the government. It can’t make the law, which is the responsibility of the legislative branch, nor enforce the laws, which is the responsibility of the executive branch. The judicial system instead looks at the laws created by the legislature, interprets how they must be enforced, and then passes sentencing which is enforced by the executive systems.

The American judicial system is based upon the final authority of the United States Constitution. All laws stem from the concepts set forth in it and all final judgment is passed based on its meaning. One of the primary functions of the judicial system is the interpretation of the constitution so that its meaning can be accurately and modernly put to use. The Supreme Court is the body that has the final say on the interpretation of the Constitution, and all other bodies of law look to it for guidance.

The judicial system is embodied by a hierarchy of courts which range from the Supreme Court which has absolute authority based on its interpretation of the Constitution all the way to local courts which only handle matters for the area where they are located. Each court has authority over its own area, but cases can be appealed and taken to a higher level court. This process can be repeated, based on merit, all the way up to the Supreme Court which then evaluates the case based on direct interpretation of the Constitution.

There are actually two court systems in American which make up the judicial system; the federal courts and the state courts. America was founded on the principal of a federal government that guided its individual states, but also with the idea that the states would retain their independence and ability to make and enforce laws as they saw fit.

According to the Constitution, federal courts have authority over state courts, so that while states do have much independence, they still have to answer to the federal government. However, there are examples of state laws clashing with federal laws which demonstrate the difficulties of this system.

The American judicial system is a complicated beast. There are so many ins and outs, especially since laws change every day, that truly understanding it all is impossible. However, the courts and every profession related to them do their best to ensure a lawful society.

Judicial System in America- Never Fear, Justice is Here

In a world where crime runs rampant, where it seems that no one can sleep safely in their own homes without the fear of a break-in, or a murder, or worse – there seems to be only one thing that spreads a blanket of calm in the United States. The United States Judicial System works around the clock to keep its citizens safe, and repair any damage done thus far. This system is the most unique system in the world, consisting of two separate levels of courts, the state and the federal, that work side by side to ensure justice and prosperity to all. At the topmost tier of this judicial hierarchy, stands the most respected, the most defined, and the end-all court of this nation: The United States Supreme Court. This court is viewed as the end of the line, where only the most disputed cases end up. Many cases in the Supreme Court deal with the U.S. Constitution, and violation of citizens’ rights. Although not always, it deals in appeals sent up through the system, and makes a final ruling on them. The Supreme Court is juried by nine Justices, one being the Supreme Justice.

The two court levels deal in separate cases, of course. Otherwise, there would be no reason for making the distinction. The Federal courts, which govern various districts, deal with cases concerning Federal laws and regulations. They also interpret and apply the Constitution in their rulings. The State courts, of course, handle state laws, regulations, and disputes. Many of these cases are smaller and are solved on this level. However, some cases cannot be resolved, and are sent to one of the Courts of Appeals. Very rarely, as stated, they will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. Now, the system itself is not that interesting, and many people never even have to deal in the courts. Some, however, cannot seem to stay away from the law. They gravitate toward it, and as some say, “Rules are meant to be broken.”

A touchier subject for people could be the actual nature of the cases. Cases fall into two different categories: civil, and criminal. An educated guess would lead to believe that criminal cases deal with, well, criminals. These cases always have a victim. Rapes, murders, burglaries, theft… A lot of the criminals end up doing hard time in the slammer, so to speak. Now, civil cases are a more confusing subject. Civil cases do not have a victim. No one was physically hurt, or disparaged. Civil cases include property disputes, divorce cases, and so on. There are many smaller courts created within the court system to deal with specific cases, such as traffic-related, and families.

“Liberty and Justice for all,” may seem like a far-fetched statement for some. However, justices, jurors, and judges are working hard to bring criminals and those associated with them to justice. It may be true that when you break the law, it will always find you, and the United States Judicial System assures this.

Judicial System in America – How It Affects You

Often one of the most overlooked branches of the United States government, the Judicial Branch is not often looked upon favorably by the American people. Though most people do not realize the extent to which they are affected by the Judicial Branch, the daily impact of its actions is all around you. In order to fully understand the extent to which the courts influence our lives, I must first explain how they work.

The first significant power granted to the American judicial system occurred as a result of the Supreme Court case, Marbury v. Madison. This first landmark case granted the court the ability to put legislation under what is called judicial review, allowing the American Judicial system to put certain laws under scrutiny to determine their adherence to the United States Constitution.

Using the precedence established by that very first landmark case, the Supreme Court is able to influence widespread social dynamics within the United States. For instance, the court case, Brown v. the Board of Education served as the ignition of the Civil Rights Movement. The court established upon a unanimous decision that segregation in public spaces including parks, bathrooms, schools, and public transportation was unconstitutional according to the 14th Amendment, which guarantees equal protection under law. Ultimately, the courts are a primary reason for the Civil Rights Movement and all of its positive consequences.

Can you imagine if segregationist policies were still in effect today? The court system of the United States provides a crucial avenue for the citizen’s communication of grievances to what may be an unjust law. It lets the common person take an unjust law to court and offer an argument against its validity.

More often than not, however, the American legal system places somewhat of a burden upon society. Local judicial institutions are overcrowded and the United States actually possesses one of the highest overall rates of incarceration worldwide. Most courts and correctional institutions across the nation are at capacity while increasing numbers of arrests are made. For some reason or another, the correctional and criminal aspects of the American legal system are approaching the point of institutional incapability.

Aside from criminal court is civil court, which is unfortunately dysfunctional as well. In the American economy, it is often more profitable to tactfully litigate than to invest in new business ventures. In fact, this abuse of the legal system simply perpetuates itself and continues to worsen. As more people desire to “profitably sue”, the demand for lawyers increases. These lawyers, who can then sue on their own, are experts at the game and are able to manipulate the judicial system to turn a profit. This is where everything about the system goes wrong, with more lawsuits being filed by greedy people who move court and take any step to get the verdict in their favor.

That said, the judicial system in America possesses great political importance at the Supreme Court level, but suffers from inefficiencies within the lower institutions. Monumental societal change is the result our judicial system, however at the district and local level, courts operate as tools for profit and overcrowded correctional systems.

Bankroll management in poker

Bankroll management is a very important skill that would be necessary for a player if he/she wants to win at poker in the long run. It is a skill that can be very helpful just as game selection and bluffing. A good bankroll can actually compensate for quite a lot of weaknesses in the game while a smaller bankroll can kill a player in no time at all. However, there are quite a lot of players who don’t really have a good idea about what bankroll really is. For a player who is well to do and is playing at a moderate or small limit, bankroll is not really a problem. However, for professional players, the bankroll is vital.

The importance of bankroll

For most of the players who breakeven or win and have an adequate lifestyle and a job to support them, having a sizeable bankroll is not a player. However, there are quite a lot of players who actually depend on the game for making their living and how much money they use for any given day is a reflection of the decision that they have made based on the money that they have in their bankroll. These players should choose to play for a limit where they would get the best results and would have the minimum possible risks for the bankroll.

Bankroll for breakeven or winning players

If you are a breakeven or a winning player and are playing at a limit that you are comfortable with, it is irrelevant what you play for and when you do it as long as you have enough money to play with at any time. The money that you lose and win on any particular day should not be relevant to your decision when you decide to quit a game. What really matters is playing in the right way with a sensible and preconceived strategy. To make it simple, play good at a game that is affordable for you. The other considerations are only superficial and trivial and they would only be a hindrance to your mental game.

Bankroll for losing players

When it comes to the players who are losing, they should only bring as much money to the casino as they can afford to lose. When they sit down at a table, they should put all of that money on the table and buy in for any amount they want. Consider that you have only the amount of money that you can lose on the table and nothing more. Bankroll problems are more related to personal circumstances than to poker variance. Knowing how to handle your bankroll well, whether it is big or small is important. There are quite a lot of players who find themselves out of a bankroll without even realizing it and paying for it dearly later on. If you really want to be a successful poker player, you should know what your bankroll should be and you should also know what kind of limits to select with your bankroll so that you would have adequate money to play with.

Understanding Online Poker Tools and the Types of Tools which Can be Found on the Internet

Online poker tools are devices which are used by players in order to get assistance or help while playing poker online. These tools confirm to the conditions of the poker sites and technically, even a PokerStars calculator can be used as a poker tool. Most of these tools are actually software which can be used during play. On the other hand, poker cheats are the software or programs which breach the rules of the poker sites and are not to be used during play.

The Thin Line Between Tools and Cheats

There is a thin line between poker tools and poker cheats. This line is exactly where the rules are set by the poker room. Whenever you sign up with a poker site, you agree to all of their rules and regulations. If you breach any of these rules, it is considered as cheating. Cheating is normally done in three ways on online sites- automated play, card prediction and data mining.

Data mining is a program or software which accumulates information which can be used during the game. You can use the information that you have saved from your own hands during the play but trying to get information about the hands that you have not played is known as cheating and is considered to be illegal. Card prediction is a program which breaks the code of the random number generator which is used in poker rooms. Although this is quite unlikely to be true, in case it is done, it is considered to be illegal. Automated play is a program which plays the hands in the game without the help of the player and this too is considered to be illegal.

How Prevalent are Poker Tools and Cheats?

There is no formal study or research which has been done in order to state the prevalence of the poker tools or Poker Star cheats. The number of online tools available on the internet is increasing day by day because they are legal and it is believed that 17% of online players make use of poker tools online. On the other hand, poker cheats do exist in quite a big way and there is always a battle going on between poker rooms and cheaters. Any cheat which receives some popularity would always be met with counter measures from the poker rooms.

There are quite a lot of ways in which poker players can improve their game online. Many of these options make it easier for the players rather than using complicated strategies. Online poker tools and cheats are one of them. Using poker tools to improve your game is completely legal but it is very important to first read the rules and regulations of the poker room and ensure that you would not be going against any of the rules by using those tools. Poker is for fun and for leisure and using cheats might sound lucrative but it is illegal and definitely not worth the risk at all.

Intro to Omaha Hi Lo

One very popular variety of Omaha poker is the Omaha Hi-Lo game. It is also sometimes called Omaha 8-or-better, Omaha/8 or some variation of those. Omaha Hi-Lo is a hi-lo split game where the pot is split between a winning high hand and, if possible, a winning low hand as well. The high hand is played like any other game of Omaha and the low hand is a hand 8 or lower hence where the name comes from.

There are a number of things that you need to remember when playing Omaha Hi-Lo, because the Lo portion of the game adds an additional layer of complexity onto the already complex game. In order for any low hand to be possible, there must be three different cards on the table that are 8 or lower. About 60% of the time there is a possibility of there being a low hand in a normal game of Omaha Hi-Lo. Additionally, it is not uncommon for low hands to tie and you can often have pots in Hi-Lo that are split 4 ways.

Another thing to note about Omaha Hi-Lo is the fact that playing for low hands can often cause problems, especially if you do not have what is known as a protected low hand. A protected low hand is where a player has a hand that, even if, say, they are holding a 2 in their hand and a two hits they board, they can still make a low hand. Players should never play for a low hand without a protected low because it is not uncommon for a low hand to be busted if a player only has two low cards in their hand.

When the number of low cards in the Full Tilt board is 4 or 5, being able to determine the holdings of other players becomes extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. Because there are not as many possibilities for low hands, many players may be able to either make the same hand in multiple ways, or be sharing the same low hand with other players at the table. This can usually bode well for players who have good options on the high hand but players working with lows, things can get messy.

Additionally, the betting can be split between full tilt poker players betting their high hands or players betting on their low hands so it can be immensely hard to figure out what is going on in the betting. You could have a strong high hand but someone else could be raising like a madman because they have the nut low and are trying to take the pot while you would be more than able to take the Hi half of the pot. Being able to determine what half of the pot players’ hands are in the running for can be immensely difficult and can get you into trouble if you happen to guess incorrectly.

Number 1 Place to play Poker

So, you want to know what the number 1 place to play Internet Texas Holdem is eh? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Unlike in years past, the number of options that you have to play at today is vast and finding the number 1 place for you to play poker is an individual question with an individual answer for every person. Every person has different things that are important when they are looking for a poker room and each thing might have a different level of importance. There are, however, a few things that should be important to everyone.

When you are looking to play Internet Texas Holdem, it is important that you can actually play when you want to. For this reason, you should make sure that the website you are going to play at has people who play what you play when you want to play. For most of the major poker sites, this is not a big deal because there are hundreds of thousands of players but if you are thinking about playing at a smaller poker site, this might be a concern that could actually make or break your decision. Waiting around hoping for a game to get going is not fun and avoiding this scenario should be one of your biggest priorities.

In addition to being able to play when you want, you should not be forced to play in less than ideal conditions. The platform that the poker website offers should be very good. Attributes that make very good software are things like stability, low resource usage, and ease of navigation and use. If the software is crashing all the time or even more than extremely rarely, you should seriously consider not using it. In addition, the platform should be easy to use and as simple as possible. If you are having trouble navigating and are confused, that is not a good sign.

Finally, customer service is extremely important. Customer service is a make or break deal for many reasons – as it should be. Good customer service at a B&M Poker Room is indicative of good service and quality elsewhere in the company. If a poker website cannot afford to have helpful customer service that is around all the time and responds rapidly, then the chances of them cutting corners elsewhere in the business is much higher than with a company that has very good customer service. Remember, they are there to serve you, not the other way around.

Every person has individual tastes and needs and that is the case with pokerstars as it is with everything else. As such, finding the number 1 place to play Internet Texas Holdem is an endeavor for the individual and cannot be answered with a simple one-word response. Finding the poker website that best suits you will benefit you greatly in the long run because a happy poker player is a successful poker player.

Barry Greenstein Biography

Barry Greenstein has been playing poker since a very young age and he was first introduced to the game by his father. Barry Greenstein earned a bachelors degree in computer science and was also close to earning his Ph.D. in Mathematics although he never ended up finishing everything that needed done. Greenstein is unlike most professional poker players because Barry didn’t start playing poker full-time until he was 36 years old.

Over the years that Greenstein of has played he has managed to earn himself a total of three WSOP bracelet and 2 WPT Titles. His first World Series of Poker bracelet was won in 2004 when he won the $5K Deuce to Seven Draw Event. He followed his first bracelet up with a second WSOP bracelet in 2005 by winning the $1.5K PLO Event. His third and last bracelet to date was won last year in 2008 when he won the $1.5K Razz Event.

As mentioned earlier Barry has won 2 WPT Titles, but he also won some other events in his career. One of the events he won was the WPT Fathers & Son Tournament along with a win in the WPT Poker by the Book Chapter 2. Both of the above events are special WPT events and are separate from the 2 WPT titles that he has won. Barry has also won the 5th Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open and the 2006 WPT Invitational.

Barry is often referred to as the Robin Hood of poker because he often donates his winnings to charities. In the past he would donate a portion of his winnings, but since 2008 Barry has been donating all of his poker winnings to charities which is really incredible. No other poker player has been so generous before and it’s one of the reasons why every poker fan is a fan of Barry Greenstein.

Greenstein has already finished in the money 39 times over his poker career on the WSOP circuit and 19 more times on the WPT which is pretty stellar when looking at how long he has been playing full-time. Barry has almost won $6.5 million from playing in live poker tournaments and a nice chunk of this money has been donated to charities. Last year Barry almost won the Player of the Year award, but finished in second place as Lindgren took down the award.

Barry has appeared on all of the major poker TV shows including Poker Superstars, High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark, and the latest show put out by PokerStars. He also released his own book in 2005 which helps new poker players learn what it takes to be able to consistently place on the live tournament circuit. Barry has a large family which includes 2 children and 4 step children. Greenstein currently lives in California and has been spending time helping one of his stepsons with his poker game. They both also partnered together to create a poker website for players which includes news, poker strategy and entertainment. The website is called and it’s worth checking out if you have some spare time.

Women and Poker- Do they Go Well Together?

Even today, when many people think of poker they have a visual scene of a small card room filled with smoke with big burly men seated at the table and playing the game rough and reckless. There are no women at the tables for these individuals since traditionally women were never considered to be poker players. In fact, according to various resources women were considered to be unlucky for poker players and were thus not encouraged to enter the casinos. Fortunately, those days have been left far behind.

Women and Poker

Even today the number of men in poker outnumbers women by almost 8 to 1 at every major event. However, things have still changed quite considerably. Women are not backing down anymore. Women have taken up not just poker but other games like blackjack, craps and roulette and can be seen at casinos today playing these games at the same table as men. The number of women participating in poker tournaments has been slowly increasing over the years.

Being a man or a woman has nothing to do with poker, but there are still some hindrances that both men and women have to face in poker. While women are more patient, men are more aggressive. This could work in a good as well as a bad way for them. Women are very good at reading tells but are also very emotional. Women are capable of staying sober throughout the session and can thus make better calls than some men who tend to get trippy by the end of the game.

The Playing Style

Men are quite aggressive in poker and women can be timid and give into their aggression or they can use their own abilities of reading tells and hiding their emotions to beat their opponents. Generally men consider women as weak players at the poker table. They consider women to be incapable of bluffing, consider them to be tight, emotional and weak and women can use this to beat the men at poker.

In the last few years the number of women who have taken up poker professionally has increased tremendously. They are finding the game challenging and exciting and are participating in high profile tournaments. Hopefully, in the near future, more women would be seen at the WSOP final table and would be seen winning the much coveted bracelet. The respect for women players has definitely increased in the recent years but there is still a long way to go if poker has to be made equal for both men and women.

Till then, women should just concentrate on their game and learn to polish their skills on If they manage to beat men at their own game there is no doubt that they would be able to earn the respect they deserve. Women and poker go very well together, just as well as men and poker do. Whether it is a man or a woman, poker is equal for those who are skilled, smart and fast.